Creating Sustainable Societies

At Socienta, we strive to achieve that by providing the operating intelligence that enables sustainability, and strive to improve the performance of properties which will in turn have a profound impact on the residents, tenants and landlords within the society.

Socienta’s Eco-System comprises of a distinctive product portfolio – real-estate-specific accounting, procurement and finance module, customer service and community engagement apps , site management tools, & Property Insights dashboards.​




  • Normalized data across verticals available on the cloud for various stakeholders.
  • Benchmarking property performance against similar assets.
  • Ability to monitor A/B experiments for initiatives in different properties in near-live data.
  • Analyzing correlations across over 80 data points such as
    • Correlation between occupancy rate and electricity consumption in common areas
    • Visualizing correlation between increase of improvement budgets and rental income over the years.
    • Correlation between customer experience and move in/out rates.
  • Setting service charge collection goal based on forecasted bills.
  • Analyzing gross and net yields to measure unit, building or portfolio performance.
  • Utilizing data for setting purpose-driven goals for users to improve performance of assets.




Socienta will be the next big thing in the Strata management industry. It is the most intuitive, impactful, and agile software available today. It has worked wonders in elevating the tenant satisfaction rate and reducing cost.

Waseem Naqvi

Senior Community Manager, Sparkle Towers
“Socienta is a very convenient, agile, impactful, cost-saving tool. It facilitates swift communication and its powerful chatbots make communication very personalized.”

Vidya Cawa

Training & Quality Assurance Manager, Mazaya Towers
Socienta allows me to simultaneously manage projects across multiple components so I’m able to ensure all of my projects are on track.

Syed Ali Zaidi

Portfolio Manager, Meydan Master Community

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