Pioneering a Sustainable Future with PropTech Innovations

At Socienta, we empower a sustainable tomorrow through pioneering PropTech innovations. Our vision is to shape a future where technological advancements harmonize with real estate, creating eco-friendly, efficient, intelligent solutions that redefine sustainable living standards and propel us toward a greener and smarter world.”


Tailored Real Estate Solutions – from Accounting, Engagement Apps. to Insights Dashboards

Socienta’s Eco-System is a symphony of specialized solutions: real-estate-specific accounting, procurement and finance modules, customer service and community engagement apps, site management tools, and Property Insights dashboards.


  • Property Accounting Excellence: A comprehensive specialist solution tailored for property management
  • Real-Time Mollak Integration: Seamless, up-to-the-minute connection with Mollak for efficiency and accuracy
  • Transparent Finances: Connect front-end interfaces to OPS for pristine financial data and purpose-driven budgeting
  • Benchmarking Insights: Analyse property financials and benchmarks to identify priorities and optimize performance.



  • Cloud-Based Data Synchronization: Centralized and normalized data accessible in the cloud to enable stakeholders making wise decisions
  • Property Benchmarking: Measures property performance against similar assets for data-driven insights
  • Real-time Experiment Monitoring: Observe A/B experiments across properties with near-live data tracking.
  • Data-backed Analysis: Examines correlations among 80+ data points such as –
    • Correlation between occupancy rate and electricity consumption in common areas

    • Visualizing correlation between increase of improvement budgets and rental income over the years.

    • Correlation between customer experience and move in/out rates.
  • Visualize Improvement Impact: See the relationship between increased improvement budgets and rental income.
  • Customer Experience Insights: Understand how customer experience influences move-in/out rates.
  • Goal-Oriented Collections: Set service charge collection targets based on forecasted bills.
  • Yield Analysis Mastery: Measure gross and net yields to gauge unit, building, or portfolio performance.
  • Purpose-Driven Goal Setting: Leverage data to set goals that drive asset performance improvement for users.


  • Building Services Automation: Enhance efficiency and responsiveness by automating building services, reducing customer response times, and optimizing communication channels.
  • Community Wall Connection: Access a dedicated communication platform for owners and tenants, facilitating the sharing of crucial announcements, community event calendars, and relevant community information.
  • Seamless Request Handling: Streamline various requests, including move-in, move-out, statement of accounts, payments, announcements, NOCs, and more.
  • Amenity Usage Insights: Generate valuable data on amenity usage patterns within the community, providing valuable insights for better resource management.


  • Snag Tracking & Red Flags: Effortlessly record snags and updates, with automatic flagging of unresolved issues beyond SLA/KPI.
  • GPS-Powered Communities: GPS-enabled for master and horizontal communities with floor plan-based navigation for buildings and units.
  • Service Provider Performance: Manage service providers’ KPIs and integrate with Socienta OPS for improved service quality.
  • Seamless Service Provider Integration: Connect service providers to their Computer-Aided Facility Management (CAFM) system for task assignment, property reports, and team KPI reporting.
  • Automated Resident-Provider Communication: Streamline communication between service providers and residents through Customer Experience tools, reducing response and resolution times while providing real-time data.


Socienta will be the next big thing in the Strata management industry. It is the most intuitive, impactful, and agile software available today. It has worked wonders in elevating the tenant satisfaction rate and reducing cost.

Waseem Naqvi

Senior Community Manager, Sparkle Towers
“Socienta is a very convenient, agile, impactful, cost-saving tool. It facilitates swift communication and its powerful chatbots make communication very personalized.”

Vidya Cawa

Training & Quality Assurance Manager, Mazaya Towers
Socienta allows me to simultaneously manage projects across multiple components so I’m able to ensure all of my projects are on track.

Syed Ali Zaidi

Portfolio Manager, Meydan Master Community

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