Socienta , our base platform, is a digital revolution in the realm of improving accounting and bookkeeping tasks for real estate property managers through digitalizing end-to-end functions, including registering owners and tenants, classifying financial-entries, updating reconciliation reports, managing contracts, maintaining procurement, planning budgets and issuing financial statements. Socienta also offers a unique value in Dubai by integrating to Mollak and Ijari

Socienta is also leading the way to establish the first building performance data model designed for the real estate industry. We do this because we know the greatest value you can gain from our platform is through the data-driven insights generated by normalization, democratization, analysis and augmentation of your data

With our open APIs, Socienta is capable of connecting its solutions with the many siloed IT systems and software services used within buildings to form one transparent and efficient digital hub. By integrating and unleashing the data from all your assets and transforming them into actionable insights, the Socienta platform puts you back in the driver seat and empowers you to make information decisions at every level.


  • Manage communities through budget planning, financial entries, customer advances, invoicing, payment collections and procurement process.
  • Fix budgets and issue invoices which will then communicate to owners.
  • Generate industry standard financial reports which can be customized.
  • Standardize industry specific metrics for consistency across the entire portfolio.
  • Visualize data-driven insights in meaningful graphs, charts, and reporting formats.
  • Allow through open APIs and connectors, integration with any system, software or service.
  • Leverage ML and AI to unfold strategic decision recommendations and data-driven insights.
  • Benchmark against internal portfolio and external real estate industry metrics.
  • Support stakeholders’ ability to make data-driven and fact-based decisions through smart algorithms.
  • Clear understanding and optimization of interdependencies between systems and stakeholders in the ecosystem.
  • Intelligent process stakeholder management to deliver meaningful insights for rules at every level.
  • Digitize standardized procurement and supplier management, backed by benchmark price data.
  • Move from fixed base to occupancy based, variable cost structure.


I. Increase Productivity

Offer your team the means to share latest updates and respond quickly and efficiently to customers inquiries and complaints.

II. Measure Performance

Make informed decisions through data-driven analytics by benchmarking your portfolio.

III. Improve Efficiency

Identify inefficiencies in buildings and offer solutions via partners.

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