Socienta is a new wave of revolution in the PropTech sector. Leveraging the best of its expertise and wide array of products and services, we are making a significant difference to the UAE real-estate sector by improving its overall operational performance through automation. Socienta is touching the lives of thousands of tenants as well as property owners who are in search of a seamless, frictionless, contactless, and memorable residence experience.

In its small journey of less than two years, Socienta has earned the trust vote of some of the biggest names in the real estate and property management sector in the UAE. Our dashboard and Operations Performance System (OPS) have empowered our clients in analyzing the performance of their property based on algorithms. From a humble beginning in 2019, Socienta has expanded its product range to all new heights which include – customer service Chatbots, accounting and CRM software, automation, digitized access & parking control management, and site monitoring & reporting.  

Mission and Vision:

The core mission behind the formation of Socienta is to empower communities and improve residents’ experience by leveraging real-time operational intelligence. Commenting on the mission of Socienta, Ghassan Talhouk, co-founder and Chief operating officer stated, “Socienta’s platform is a giant leap in boosting the overall resident’s experience. Our technology is equipped with advanced data analytics and algorithms to remove process inefficiencies. Socienta’s mission is to reduce the OPEX of properties which will ultimately lead to the improved operational performance of the building, reduction in rents, tenant retention, and higher occupancy rates.”

How Does Socienta Resolve the Challenges Faced by the Tenants?

The foremost challenge faced by tenants in the UAE is higher rents. The prime reason being the rising operational cost of the building which is forcing the landlords to set higher rents that cover their expenses as well as the profit margin. 

Socienta’s revolutionary dashboard is equipped with an advanced Operations Performance System (OPS) that analyzes property data based on algorithms designed on the principle of minimizing operating costs and maximizing the revenue of properties. Lower operational cost results in the reduction of the rents for the tenants which improves both the tenant satisfaction as well as tenant retention rate. At present, Socienta’s platform analyzes and evaluates the data of 70+ buildings on inefficiencies, performance, and correlations. The platform is further going through a continuous transformation to support the performance of hundreds of buildings in the next few months.

Reporting an issue to the facilities department is another major challenge faced by the tenants. It is always challenging for them to get in touch with the facilities department. Tenant satisfaction and convenience lie at the core of Socienta’s ideology. This is the reason we have equipped our dashboard with novel front-end interfaces to ensure tenants report their issues on the dashboard in a few clicks.

What Makes Socienta Unique? 

To offer a seamless and memorable service experience to the tenants, Socienta deploys advanced Chatbots. As per the research conducted by Zillow Rentals, a property management firm can retain up to 60% of residents by offering hassle-free services and by ensuring residents’ issues are resolved quickly. Socienta plays a role in making this happen and ensuring tenants stay with you for the longer-term. Our chatbots are capable of answering up to 75% of the repeat questions.

Socienta’s well-planned & innovative ecosystem ensures swift resolution of tenants’ queries which have a profound impact on overall resident’s experience and most importantly on the retention rates. 

Distinctive Features:

Socienta’s dashboard has an advanced Operations Performance System (OPS) that analyzes property data based on algorithms. Our accounting platform is equipped with a visual dashboard of data to provide comprehensive insights. It facilitates in setting up measurable key performance indicators (KPI’s) and reminds the user of the tasks through timely notifications & alarms.

Socienta’s Chief Technology Officer (CTO) Ali Dikici, said, “Our Operations Performance System is equipped with powerful AI, data analytics, and algorithms to simplify the complex accounting process to provide real-time insights on improving the performance of the property.” 

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